Moderator: Joshua Sisco

Josh Sisco is a reporter with POLITICO, where he covers antitrust enforcement, policy and litigation. His coverage is focused on how regulators and policy makers are fighting to rein in corporate power and the pushback from the companies and their Washington allies.

Josh has spent the last nine years on the antitrust beat, most recently at The Information, where he covered the heightened scrutiny of the tech giants, including Google, Apple, Meta, Amazon and Microsoft. Josh is an experienced legal and financial journalist who follows civil and criminal antitrust litigation along with government investigations. He has previously worked for publications including MLex, the Policy and Regulatory Report and The Capitol Forum.

Josh earned his B.A. in communications at Sonoma State University in Northern California, studying journalism and sociology.

The Battle Over Patents: A Summary

Adapted from The Battle over Patents: History and Politics of Innovation, edited by Stephen H. Haber and Naomi R. Lamoreaux (Oxford University Press, 2021). Complaints about the patent system are not new. Virtually all arguments that critics seize upon today to support their suggestions for a patent reform have
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IP is Not IP: Intellectual Property is Not Industrial Policy, and Why This Matters 

Competition by China with the United States for global leadership in innovation has prompted anew an age-old policy debate: What are the best policies and legal institutions to promote next-generation inventions like 5G, AI, and mRNA vaccines? Are innovations best promoted and distributed either through industrial policy initiatives like prizes,
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LeadershIP Hosts Webinar on the DMA and the US Antitrust Bills

On June 30, LeadershIP hosted a webinar titled EU DMA vs. US Legislative Proposals: Lessons and Path Forward, where the discussion focused on the Digital Markets Act (DMA)—the legislation recently adopted by the European Union that imposes obligations and prohibitions on the world’s largest digital platforms such as Apple,
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