Innovation, IP and Competition Challenges for Global Businesses in the 21st Century

LeadershIP EU 2018 took place at The Hotel in Brussels on November 13, 2018


Challenges to Innovation for High-Tech Business Leadership in the 21st Century

Business executives and political leaders explore the global and European innovation trends and the upcoming launch of 5G in Europe in 2019.

Rochelle Toplensky

Financial Times

Antonio Nicita

Commissioner, Italian Regulatory Authority (AGCOM)

Cristiano R. Amon

President Qualcomm Incorporated

Roberto Viola

Director General, DG CONNECT, European Commission

Effects-Based Analysis: Where Do We Stand on Both Sides of the Atlantic?

This Fireside Chat between a prominent US and EU judges explores the competition law trends in each jurisdiction.

Jean-François Bellis

Partner, Van Bael & Bellis

Sir Robin Jacob

Sir Hugh Laddie Chair of Intellectual Property Law, University College London; Former Justice in the Court of Appeal of England and Wales

Honorable Douglas Ginsburg

Senior Circuit Judge, United States Court of Appeals for District of Columbia

Recent Decisions from the European Commission: Lessons Learned?

This timely panel focuses on some of the European Commission’s latest big antitrust decisions and remedies on high-tech companies.

Matthew Newman

Chief Correspondent, MLex

Alfonso Lamadrid

Senior Associate, Garrigues (Brussels)

Giorgio Monti

Competition Chair and Head of Department, Florence School of Regulation

Miguel de la Mano

Executive Vice President, Compass Lexecon

Yannis Katsoulacos

Professor of Economics, Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB)

5G and IoT: Policy Challenges and the Road Ahead

Panelists will create a lay-of-the-land for the IP and competition Policy challenges that are and will likely surface towards making 5G, and other future G’s a reality.

Adrien Facon

Head of Research & Innovation, Secure-IC

Peter Stuckmann

Head of Unit, Future Connectivity Systems, DG CONNECT, European Commission

Eeva Hakoranta

Head of Licensing, Nokia

Matthias Schneider

Chief Licensing Officer, Audi

David Kappos

Partner, Cravath Swaine & Moore LLP, Former Under Secretary of Commerce and Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

Global Antitrust: What Rules and Whose Standards?

Panelists will discuss global trends in antitrust enforcement and whose rules and which standards are on the rise.

Thomas Kramler

Head of the Digital Single Market Task Force, DG COMP, European Commission

Pedro Gonzaga

Economist and Competition Expert, OECD

Kaarli Eichhorn

Partner, Jones Day

Paul Lugard

Partner, Baker Botts

Roger Alford

Deputy Assistant Attorney General, United States Department of Justice Antitrust Division