Kamil Kiljański

Kamil Kiljański is currently (acting) director for investment and head of the IPR unit at Directorate General for Single Market and Industry (DG GROW). Prior to this posting, he headed the units in charge of space data and international relations at Directorate General for Space and Defence (DG DEFIS), served as the Chief Economist at DG GROW and worked on regulatory matters in intellectual property and financial services at the (then) DG MARKT. Kamil began his career at the Commission in 2004 at the then newly established Chief Economist Team of DG Competition.

Little Evidence Supporting the Argument About Limiting the Patent Holder’s Right to Select the Licensing Level

Gregor Langus & Vilen Lipatov In our new paper ‘Efficient level of SEPs licensing’, we examine the question whether a patent holder should be allowed to choose the level in the value chain at which to offer to license its standard essential patents (SEPs). SEPs are patents
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On the Timing of ETSI Disclosures Summary

The question of timing when companies disclose their patents as being essential to practice industry standards, such as 4G and 5G, has been recently discussed in several high-profile legal disputes. Some implementers have argued that disclosures made after the “Freeze Date”— the date when new features are no longer added
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Inventing Ideas: Patents, Prizes, and the Knowledge Economy

B. Zorina Khan’s seminal work, Inventing Ideas: Patents, Prizes, and the Knowledge Economy, dissects the innovation policies of key industrial nations during the First and Second Industrial Revolutions — periods of historic levels of invention and creativity. The author seeks to provide insights for determining the
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