Seminar Series: Dynamic Competition in the Digital Economy with Professor Nicolas Petit – Postponed

2021 LeadershIP Seminar Series

Seminar Details

“Big Tech & the Digital Economy: The Moligopoly Scenario,” the recent book by Professor Nicolas Petit, challenges the conventional wisdom that there is little competition in the digital economy. Rather, competition policy needs to take into account the often invisible dynamism in digital markets and disruptive innovation that constantly challenges the status-quo. In this LeadershIP seminar, Petit – along with Ashley Baker and Geoffrey A. Manne – will explore  bipartisan solutions to antitrust concerns in the vibrancy of  digital markets and the preservation of disruptive innovation.

Nicolas Petit

Joint Chair in Competition Law at the European University Institute and the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies
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Geoffrey A. Manne

President and Founder of the International Center for Law & Economics
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Ashley Baker

Director of Public Policy at the Committee for Justice
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