Innovation/ Economics

April 26, 2017
Dowd, Matthew and Michel, Paul

The Need For “Innovation Certainty” At The Crossroads Of Patent And Antitrust Law

Due to a parade of legislation, judicial interpretations, and administrative application during the past decade, the combination of patent law destabilization and antitrust law uncertainty has devastated innovation certainty in the United States. We are now seeing the manifestations of...Read More

June 2018

Innovation and U.S. Patent Law

Because the strength of patent rights gauges the incentive to invest, America’s future is threatened by the weakening of those rights. Starting in 2006 and continuing to today, excessive and uncoordinated incursions by the Supreme Court, the Congress and the patent office have enfeebled patent...Read More

June 2018

IP LeadershIP DC: Key Takeaways and The Path Forward

The fifth annual IP LeadershIP 2018 conference in Washington DC began with the broad recognition of the critical importance of 5G/IoT technologies in enabling the Fourth Industrial Revolution, followed by topics that explored IP and competition policies needed to ensure its success. The panels...Read More

April 12, 2017
Van Audenrode, Marc and Royer, Jimmy and Stitzing, Robin and Sääskilahti, Pekka

Over-Declaration of Standard Essential Patents and Determinants of Essentiality

Teece, David and Sherry, Ed and Grindley, Peter

Patents and Patent Wars in Wireless Communications; An Economic Assessment

Poblete, Joaquín and Spulber, Daniel

Managing Invention and Innovation: From Delegated R&D to Implementation